Ceph: Open Cloud Storage for OpenNebula

Stefan Kooman, stefan@bit.nl, @basseroet BIT


  • Ceph: very short introduction
  • Ceph for VM block storage: RBD
  • Ceph for file storage: cephfs
  • Ceph for object storage: RGW (S3/Swift)
  • Demo: Ceph
  • Demo: OpenNebula / Ceph HA

What is Ceph

Ceph is a unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability.


Data storage in OSD

Ceph components

Ceph for VM block storage: RBD

    RBD: Rados Block Device
  • Natively supported in QEMU
  • Natively supported in linux kernel: krbd
  • Snapshots
  • copy-on-write clones (thin provisioning)

Ceph for filestorage: cephfs

    Cephfs: distributed file system
  • POSIX Filesystem
  • No SPOF since Ceph Luminous (multi MDS)

Ceph for object storage: RGW (S3/Swift)

    RGW: Rados Gateway
  • librados (native)
  • Rest API (S3)
  • Rest API (Swift)

Demo Ceph

    HyperConverged setup
  • 3 Hypervisors
  • local disks
  • Ceph MON / OSD / MDS / RGW

Demo OpenNebula

    OpenNebula HA with RAFT
  • 3 Hypervisors
  • MySQL database (no replication!)